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Softwood charcoal, also known as "EcoChar", is a type of charcoal that is derived from softwood trees, which are known for their fast-growing and lighter wood. It has gained popularity due to its remarkable properties and sustainable production methods.


Why softwood charcoal?

Softwood charcoal could ignite really quickly and have light weight. Softwood charcoal also tends to produce a more intense and quick- burning flame due to its lower density, allowing for faster heat generation and cooking times. Softwood charcoal is one of our best-selling items because of its low cost but still ensure standards for grilling.


The quick-burning nature of softwood charcoal makes it ideal for searing meats and achieving a deliciously smoky flavor in a shorter amount of time.
Softwood charcoal is popular in BBQ restaurants in UAE market, China and Australia.


Choosing fresh firewood for high-quality charcoal Committing Sustainability through wood sourcing.


Coffee WOOD

Coffee is one of the most popular trees in Viet Nam which is planted plenty in central highland areas. When coffee is from 15-20 years old which could not produce quality coffee bean. The wood would be recycled for making white charcoal and black charcoal.

Eucalyptus WOOD

Eucalyptus is a kind of industrial tree grown in the southern region of Viet Nam for logging. We maximize the branches and trunks for producing white and black charcoal.


Step 1: Use fresh firewood, and burning at a temperature of 400-700 degrees C for 3-5 days to remove water in the wood.
Step 2: Sealing the chimney to burn coal in an oxygen-deficient environment during 8 - 10 days.
Step 3: Close the door and chimney completely, let the charcoal furnace turn off, and cool down for about 11 days.