Our solution is to help partners build a winning go-to-market strategy by increasing their reputation with high – quality products.

Good quality product

Product quality is the core of our business. It could support our partners to enhance their prestige and improve customer experience. For the best quality, the quality control team checks the kiln regularly to increase/decrease fire that could ensure the highest percentage of carbon.

In addition, our price is reasonable and competitive, which could create a win – win business with partners. 

Delivery time, order processing

Ensuring goods on time is what we commit to our customers. Different kinds of charcoal are prepared at our warehouse. Whenever ordering from partners, we are ready to loading.

Customer care service

We give thoughtful and enthusiastic advice when responding to customers. Documents are prepared in advance to get the booking when required.

In addition, we have good after-sales service, warranty ability, and are ready to provide technical support when something goes wrong.

OEM Service – Customize packing

Product cartons or bags could be printed with customer’s logo or designed as partner’s requirements.