Longan Charcoal

Longan Charcoal supplier in Vietnam, High quality. Free samples. Our main market is UAE, Korea, and Japan. Longan Charcoal is used in the BBQ restaurant, because of the convenience that is odorless, and smoke-free.


Material:Longan wood
Moisture content:1.75%
Ash content:2.72%
Volatile matter content:28.17%
Fixed carbon content:69.11%
Calorific value:7216 kcal/kg
Burning time:3.5-4 hours
Shape:Round stick
Usage:BBQ restaurant
Packing:10kg; 15kg; 20kg; 25kg/ PP bag, carton box.
Supply:5*40hq per month
Payment terms:TT/LC
Time of Shipment:30 days


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