Code of Conduct is the heart and soul of a business, we build on the 8 committed elements below: 

  1. Compliance with the law: We operate in accordance with the law provisions for the industry and field in which we are doing business.
  2. Respecting customers and partners: We build good relationships with customers and partners, always treat them properly and respect the interests of stakeholders.
  3. Environmental protection: We ensure that our business activities do not harm the environment as well as protect natural resources, and at the same time possess international certificates related to environment and environmental protection
  4. Ensure product quality: We continuously ensure the quality of products and services, say no to fraud, customer fraud.
  5. Protection of labor rights: We are committed to ensuring the rights of employees, respecting freedom, and creating conditions for employees to work in a professional and fair environment.
  6. Respect the privacy and security of our customers: We ensure that the information of our customers and partners is protected and not disclosed.
  7. Non-discrimination: We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or marital status of our customers and employees.
  8. Fraud and corruption free: We avoid all forms of fraud and corruption in our business activities.