How Are Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes Beneficial?

did you know the top 4 benefits of sawdust charcoal

Sawdust charcoal has been regarded as the best choice for grilling and BBQ restaurants among numerous hardwood and softwood charcoal kinds due to its specific advantages. Join Vietnam Charcoal to learn about all of the benefits of sawdust that make sawdust charcoal so popular in the food and beverage sector.

Sawdust charcoal briquettes: eco-friendly charcoal made from natural waste

did you know the top 4 benefits of sawdust charcoal 1

We will use sawdust, a byproduct of the wood-production process, to manufacture sawdust charcoal. Sawdust charcoal is an eco-friendly alternative to other forms of charcoal since it not only reduces industrial waste to the environment but also helps conserve natural resources!
So, how do we convert sawdust to charcoal? From crushing sawdust to briquetting and kilning the charcoal, this process comprises six phases. This manufacturing technique, together with the use of softwood or hardwood materials, can contribute to a long burning hour and steady heat, making sawdust charcoal an excellent choice for grilling. We may also use sawdust charcoal for regular heating.

Sawdust charcoal and its special characteristics

Hexagonal shape

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While most varieties of charcoal are shaped like wood logs, sawdust charcoal is shaped like hexagons. This design allows charcoal to diffuse heat more uniformly, allowing consumers to make better use of their charcoal.

Smooth surface

Sawdust charcoal should have a flat surface after the briquetting and kilning processes. This demonstrates that sawdust charcoal is not only compacted firmly but also has a high density.


Because humans already remove contaminants from sawdust, the final goods are virtually entirely composed of organic wood ingredients. This explains why sawdust charcoal is denser and heavier than other types of charcoal.

What are the top 4 benefits of sawdust charcoal?

Producing less smoke and odor

Sawdust charcoal is well-known for its smokeless and odorless properties, making it ideal for grilling. Furthermore, because sawdust charcoal emits less smoke into the atmosphere, it is helpful to the ecology.

Burning longer and more consistently

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This is another feature of sawdust charcoal that makes it popular in restaurants. Sawdust charcoal may help users save a lot of energy while grilling because of its capacity to burn continuously for a longer period of time. Because of its high heat, it may be used both indoors and outdoors!

More Affordable

Sawdust charcoal is a cost-effective option due to its lengthy burn time and reusability. Furthermore, the components for sawdust charcoal are not only easier to locate but also less expensive, making sawdust charcoal pricing more fair. Vietnam Charcoal delivers several sawdust charcoal grades in response to client demand, giving consumers additional price alternatives while maintaining high-quality goods.


did you know the top 4 benefits of sawdust charcoal 6

As previously said, sawdust charcoal generates little to no smoke, making it an environmentally friendly solution. Furthermore, by reusing wood waste, we can save wood supplies, therefore safeguarding our natural forests. Last but not least, because of its high energy level, sawdust charcoal may help customers heat and grill more efficiently for a longer period of time, allowing them to get the most out of our sawdust charcoal.

The rising demand for sawdust charcoal in Asian and European countries

The benefits of sawdust charcoal listed above have contributed to its widespread use in Asian and European countries. Every day, Vietnam Charcoal ships many containers of sawdust charcoal to Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Japan, and other countries.

Vietnam Charcoal is pleased to provide a high-quality supply of sawdust charcoal for everyday cooking, heating, and, of course, thrilling grilling events! Many consumers also use us as a reliable supplier for their charcoal wholesale company.

Vietnam Charcoal – The credible supplier for all your charcoal needs!

We can satisfy our clients quantity and quality expectations with sustainable sawdust resources and a high-capacity facility. Furthermore, our considerable competence in logistics services will assist us in meeting our clients’ deadlines! As a result, if you want to buy sawdust charcoal, please contact us for a rapid and accurate quote!

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