4 Key Factors for Choosing the Best Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes

4 factors to consider before buying sawdust charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes manufactured from sawdust are one of the most popular grilling charcoals due to its numerous advantages. Furthermore, sawdust charcoal is always in great demand for export, demonstrating its enormous economic potential. If you are considering starting a company with this high-quality BBQ charcoal, it is critical that you completely grasp the aspects that influence how sawdust briquette charcoal will come out.

The Significance of Raw Materials in Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes Quality

The Raw Material

The selection of raw materials significantly influences the performance and attributes of the final product. Charcoal manufacturers face the choice between softwood and hardwood, wherein the type of wood directly impacts burning duration, ash production, and smoke emission. Hardwood sawdust, notably, contributes to superior charcoal, ensuring consistent heat, extended burning hours, and stable temperatures.

Additives and Binders

4 factors to consider before buying sawdust charcoal briquettes 1

Additives and binders incorporated into sawdust play a pivotal role in molding and shaping charcoal briquettes. The judicious amalgamation of additives with sawdust, at optimal ratios, ensures desirable charcoal density, enabling quick and convenient ignition.

Uniformity, Shape, and Size

The Shape

Sawdust charcoal briquettes are available in hexagonal or square shapes, with a recommendation from PNP Charcoal advocating for hexagonal shapes. This distinctive shape facilitates even heat distribution during grilling, optimizing cooking efficiency while offering significant storage advantages.

4 factors to consider before buying sawdust charcoal briquettes 2

The Size

Uniformity in size and shape is equally paramount, impacting the consistency of burning. Charcoal briquettes that are consistently sized and shaped provide a controlled and predictable grilling experience.

Production Process of Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes


Maintaining optimal moisture content during the charcoal-making process is critical. Adequate moisture content ensures consistent burning, while excessive levels can lead to mold formation. Precise control over moisture levels facilitates better amalgamation with binders, ultimately enhancing burning consistency.


The high density of sawdust charcoal briquettes is one attribute that allows them to burn for up to 6 hours. The tight shaping process, in which the mixture of sawdust and additives is pressed exceptionally hard by our briquette-making equipment, is responsible for the dense sawdust charcoal. As a result, whenever consumers visit a sawdust charcoal business, they should pay close attention to the process, particularly the shaping and carbonizing processes!


The carbonization of wood into charcoal has a considerable impact on its quality. Temperature, time, and oxygen management during the carbonization process can all have an impact on the density, heat production, and burning uniformity of the resultant charcoal.

However, because different producers use different carbonization procedures, it is critical to locate a reliable manufacturer with years of expertise making high-quality sawdust charcoal, such as PNP Charcoal! With our established charcoal quality as evidenced by export orders to the UAE, Australia, Korea, and Japan… PNP will be able to offer you with premium sawdust charcoal briquettes that will fulfill even your most stringent criteria!

Packaging and Storage

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The quality of packaging is paramount in preserving charcoal integrity until it reaches end consumers. Besides material and production, careful attention to packaging ensures the safeguarding of charcoal products’ quality during transportation and storage.


Storage conditions profoundly affect charcoal longevity. It’s imperative to store sawdust charcoal briquettes in dry areas, avoiding direct sunlight, excessive humidity, and flooding.

4 factors to consider before buying sawdust charcoal briquettes 5

Vietnam Charcoal – A charcoal supplier providing sawdust charcoal with all 4 quality factors

The 4 most significant characteristics buyers should consider while seeking for a reputable source of sawdust charcoal briquettes are listed above. Customers should evaluate their product samples as well as their manufacturing operations at their warehouse in order to accurately examine all four variables of sawdust charcoal.

Vietnam Charcoal constantly welcomes visitors to our warehouse and provides free samples so that consumers may have a better knowledge of our product quality. Furthermore, with our significant competence in charcoal production, supplying, and shipping, Vietnam Charcoal can ensure to offer you with high-quality charcoal on time, helping clients with everything we have! Contact us right now to take advantage of our excellent services!

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