How Premium Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Are Made

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Here at Vietnam Charcoal, we supply coconut charcoal briquettes. Our briquettes are made of only the highest quality coconut shell charcoal with high fixed carbon and low ash content. This results in a longer burning time of up to 2 hours, higher heat output, and easier clean-up due to the reduced ash produced during combustion. Our briquettes are highly durable and resistant to cracking or shattering, thanks to the high-pressure production processes and meticulous drying monitoring utilized.

In addition, our coconut charcoal briquettes have low volatile matter content, making them smoke-free, odorless, and spark-free. This makes them the healthiest and cleanest option for charcoal available today. Our briquettes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including cubes, hexagons, flats, and cylinders, with or without holes. The cutting process is uniformly precise, and we offer multiple packaging options to suit our clients’ preferences.

While coconut charcoal production may seem simple, it is actually a complex process that requires strict quality control measures to ensure consistent quality for every shipment. At every stage of production, we implement rigorous quality control measures to guarantee that only the highest quality coconut charcoal briquettes are produced and shipped to our clients.

Let’s go through the step-by-step process that we do on a daily basis to produce the world’s finest coconut charcoal briquettes.

Prequalifying Coconut Shells

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To guarantee that our charcoal production yields the desired quality, we exclusively utilize coconut shells sourced from fully mature, fresh coconuts grown in some of the best plantations located in Vietnam. We conduct a thorough manual inspection and cleaning of the coconut shells before they undergo the carbonization process.

To maintain optimal quality, we store the coconut shells in dry conditions that are isolated from high temperatures and rain. This is critical in ensuring that the shells maintain their quality and characteristics throughout the entire production process.

Manufacturing Coconut Shell Charcoal

The quality of coconut shell charcoal used in the production of briquettes is the key determinant of the final product’s quality. To ensure that coconut shell charcoal has high-quality charcoal briquettes, we use a proprietary carbonization process to manufacture our own shell charcoal from handpicked coconut shells. This results in charcoal with a high fixed carbon content of approximately 80%, low volatile matter of less than 15%, and a 2.5% ash content. Additionally, we refrain from using water during the cooling down process.

Crushing, Sieving and Mixing Charcoal

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After carbonization, we meticulously crush and sieve the coconut shell charcoal to eliminate any excess ash, ensuring that the ash content in our briquettes remains below 2.5%. Once a fine consistency is achieved, we blend the charcoal powder with a small proportion of tapioca starch in an industrial mixer, acting as a natural and environmentally friendly binder to hold the mixture together throughout the subsequent stages of briquette production.

Our briquettes are composed solely of 100% natural coconut shell charcoal. We do not add any wood charcoal, nitrates, sawdust, borax, lime, or other substances into the blend. Unfortunately, some briquette manufacturers add these fillers to lower production costs or attain specific traits that artificially enhance the briquette’s performance. Certain additives can cause the briquettes to ignite rapidly, resulting in shorter burning times and an elevated risk of fire and health hazards. Because our briquettes are entirely natural, they do not emit any noxious fumes or odors when burned.

Pressing and Shaping Coconut Charcoal Briquette

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After uniformly coating the coconut shell powder with binder and water, the mixture is introduced into a briquette pressing machine and meticulously sliced with precision to create individual briquettes in the desired shape, based on the client’s specifications. The most popular shapes for shisha/hookah briquettes include 25mm or 26mm cubes, 20×35mm hexagons, and 20×35mm cylinders. We take great care to ensure that each briquette is uniformly and neatly shaped, with straight and smooth sides and edges.

Drying and Packaging

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After shaping, the individual briquettes are heated in industrial ovens at approximately 80 degrees Celsius until they are completely dried, and the moisture level falls below 5%. This low moisture content enables the briquettes to ignite rapidly and burn efficiently. We strictly supervise the drying process to prevent any cracks from developing inside the briquettes. Following this, the briquettes are left to cool naturally to room temperature before packaging.

The packaging of the coconut charcoal briquettes is customized according to each client’s requirements. Some clients request an inner plastic packaging of 1 kg before inserting it into master cartons weighing 10 kg, 20 kg, or 30 kg. Others demand inner carton boxes in different colors, along with an inner plastic lining to hold the desired weight of briquettes. The packaged briquettes are then placed into master cartons and collectively loaded into shipping containers for transport.

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